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When we experienced trials greater than any our forebears essay on veterans ever imagined, the American spirit was there to guide us through. When our people were devastated by the ravages of World War II and Vietnam, or the Spanish Flu epidemic which killed so many, the American spirit was all we had, and all we needed.

Declaring our resilience, we banded together and grew stronger than ever before. We honored those we lost and kept them in our hearts as we strode forward in our lives. With this spirit singing in our hearts, we lay wreaths upon the graves of our fallen each December for Wreaths Across America.

With this soothing spirit dancing in our souls we honor our dead each May as we place red poppies beside their gravestones and pin them to our shoulders to remember their sacrifice. As this spirit abides within, we continue to revere our veterans for the terrible sights they saw, and for the horrors they endured, all for their country. This country has been made a beacon of hope in a world so devastated by darkness, due to the American spirit.

It was this hope that beckoned to the Irish, calling them to a bright new world, when a potato famine unlike any the world had ever seen devastated their country.

Essay on homeless veterans

This light, in all its brilliance, continues to call immigrants to America, making it a symbol of everlasting freedom and unparalleled opportunity. This light, this soundness of spirit, is what fuels the American Dream. The spirit of America, which continues to thrive, is not something that can be clearly defined, because it means something different to each American.

To some, it means courage and justice. To others, it means remembrance and sacrifice. To all, it means we are Americans, united as one. Previous Next. Armistice Day officially received its name in American inthrough a Congressional resolution.

It became a national holiday 12 years later by similar congressional action. Armistice Day is a day to honor everyone and it was originally commemorated by the Germans signing a paper to end World War I. Avery Middle School, Somers To me, essay on veterans benefits a veteran means fighting for and protecting the people and the country that they love.

It means making a lot of sacrifices, having courage, and knowing people have respect for them. It takes a lot of courage for people to say that they want to be in the military. They do it because they believe in and love our country and want to fight for those reasons.

Soldiers know that joining the military means they will have to make sacrifices such as leaving the comfort of their home, essay introduction outline their family, and knowing that they have a chance of dieing. They know that their family understands that this is something that they essays on veterans to do.

Those people, the ones that stand up and take the challenge of going to war, know that the people in their country have a lot of respect for them. Without them, there would be no United States of America. It would be taken over by the terrorists and they would want to use their own cultures and their own holidays. The veterans are very brave.

They not only fight on our land but all over the world. Veterans have helped us in so many ways for many centuries. That's what being veteran means to me. Someone could be killed! But do they stop to say that? That can be a very difficult thing to do.

Yes, it may seem like they were leaving you forever, but with years of experience, there's a good chance that they would come back alive! We love them! We adore them, and we take care of them. When we send canned foods and clothes to them, they are proud to be serving our country. That's why we now have 50 stars on our bright, beautiful flag that stands for freedom.

But if they didn't fight in those terrible wars, there might still be starvation, or even wars happening all over again. Just like Martin Luther King Jr. We have a dream so powerful that nothing can stop it. Or dream is to make it so there's peace on each, and happiness, and some day, the people who fight for us in the Army and Navy, will make that dream come true.

And you know what?

Essay on Homeless Veterans

They still are. They are so great they deserve a day of their own. It's day to rest and enjoy and a day for us to than them. That's what Veteran's Day is all about.

The people who were, and still are fighting for the ones they love, protecting people from terrible deaths, are fighting for the U. The United States of America! Avery Middle School, Somers To me being a veteran means being willing to give your life to America because you could have died in the war.

Giving your life to America shows that you love your family because you were fighting for them. The people that are usually a Veteran are loving, happy, brave and caring. I think that the veterans of America were not only soldiers but also were heroes to everyone. Every morning they probably woke up knowing it might be the day they die for their country. I had a great grandpa that got shot twice essays on veterans World War II and he has a purple heart.

My mom now keeps it in a safe place. A lot of people would not take the job of being a soldier knowing that they could die at any time. Homework o homework people that took the job were not selfish because they were fighting for their families and America.

The people that fought in the war made it so that we can have freedom today and go where we want to go and do what we want to do. Freedom is worth fighting for. Well people fight for their families and for the freedom that essay on veterans have today, not all people have that. People also fight for the country so that all of us can live here and go to school here and so we can have food to eat and clean water to drink.

Essay on honoring veterans

I respect the veterans for what they have done for me. They should all be remembered as heroes. These veterans risk their lives to help and protect our country. We should give our respect and honor to these brave people on Veterans Day. Many of these honorable veterans are now dead, but others are alive right now. Many people today have relatives that are veterans. My own uncle is a veteran, and he wears a tattoo showing that he was in the navy. A lot of veterans are very smart people with college degrees.

Some travel throughout the whole world both on land and on the seas. They make numerous sacrifices such as leaving a good job, leaving their families, and leaving schools. Veterans may be subject to very bad injuries which may even lead to death.

They chance this for us and our country. During one of the wars my great, great uncle helped out a great hero when he was in danger and needed a ride.

I am proud of him. You should also be proud of what the veterans have accomplished. I am so glad that the names of veterans are printed on the Wall in Washington, D. They deserve our respect and appreciation on Veterans Day. Martha School, Enfield A veteran's life is a good life: traveling the world, getting to see famous places, and being honored on Veterans Day.

Even though being a veteran has its ups, it can also have its downs. While in the Armed Forces, veterans may have to risk their lives to protect our country and our way of life.

Risking arm and limb for people they don't know seems really special to me. Awarding medals and citations is the least we can do for them.

Families that wait by the phone to see if their family member is OK are always relieved to see them come home and be honored with parades, celebrations, and awards. That is the happiest possibility in the world for them. Veterans make a great difference in our community.

Just knowing I am safe makes a big difference to me. That is why on this Veterans Day we should respect, honor, and thank our veterans for essay on homeless veterans great work they have done for us. We essay on homeless veterans safe, free, and protected because Americans step up to the plate and risk their lives for ours. If they die they will die with honor and respect. They have walked out onto war grounds to see us live free, safe, and protected.

Anyone who went on war grounds is a veteran. Basically someone who is willing to die for their country is a veteran. For example what Nathan Hale said, "I only regret that I have, but one life to lose for my country.

In a encyclopedia is read that 87 million veterans fought in war including the 27 million still living. Lon times ago when war was around 18 year old boys and older men were going to war. Some were only 18 year old boys and they had to see the horror and pain of war, watching people die before a good dissertation. It is very hard to go to war so we owe veterans a lot.

Without veterans our future would be different. The past veterans have helped shape our future. In other words veterans are everyone's heroes and we owe them a lot. Did you know that you didn't have to carry around a gun to be a veteran? They could have been a cook, mailman, mechanic, support personal, driver of a car, computer operator, medics, supply officer, file clerks.

In my opinion you don't even have to be on war grounds to be called a veteran. You could have been someone who worked at a base. For example my uncle Jim is in the air force, but he hasn't' been on war grounds with a gun. He is a mechanic who works on the planes at a base in Texas. In my eyes my uncle Jim or anyone else who is like him is a veteran. Do you know where we would be without veterans? I believe our country would be broken, who knows we could be ruled by Japan without our veterans.

To answer the question, what it means to be a veteran? Being a veteran means stepping up for their country, someone who knows the risk of being at war, but will stand up tall and fight for their country.

Someone who is honored all over America and someone who makes us safe, free, and protected. We owe them a lot! Who knows where we would be without them. God Bless America and Thanks to Veterans! James School, Manchester Veterans mean a lot to me. I value the fact that someone will risk their life so that we can be free.

Many of these veterans died because they stood up for what was right. To protect us from fear, many brave people have lost their lives. Many people sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

In the Korean War 33, U. Now in Iraq many people are fighting to keep our country safe from terrorism. They are making sure that we are safe.

They are enforcing law in a place that needs it. I understand what it means to be a veteran from hearing the stories about my grandfathers.

Both served our country during World War II. They were brave men who enlisted right after the attack on Pearl Harbor because of their sense of duty to America. One of my grandfathers was in the Army and served here in the U. I'm proud of their dedication to our country and its principles. I would love to be a veteran too and have a whole country worth of people look up to me, like I do to my own dad, but its just way too essay on veterans day for me. Just think about it, having millions of foreign people shoot at you from the ground or from big bombers in the sky.

Each member of my family had different reactions to battle. My intentions are to portray to society the struggles our military faces. Not only do civilians fail to capture the true meaning of freedom, but also lack exposure to what Veterans suffer for us. In the past, I captured tidbits of information centering on the consequences of battle.

For instance, a member of my immediate family dealt with alcohol abuse after returning from combat. Due to his reaction from trauma, he turned….

When you think of the media you probably think about the recent election, what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just recently did, or probably what happened that night essays on veterans sports.

Do you ever really think about the military in the media though? We respect these men and women that fight…. Stress Disorder can come from traumatic events and more often than not, in a war zone soldiers can develop this disorder.

PTSD is a disorder that has caused many people including veterans of war and their families to suffer unimaginably. Many people have heard of PTSD before, but they do not actually know what it means or the amount of people who suffer from this ravaging disorder.

That is an outrageous amount considering the resources out there for veterans and their families. What is the real reason for homeless veterans? Woman veterans make up seven percent of the homeless veteran population…. Victims of PTSD go through immense suffering following traumatic events that they are indirectly or directly exposed to. I learned of a few of these things when going as a volunteer to help handicapped veterans adjust to civilian life. While helping inside a veterans home to adjust reachable items to wheelchair height, I had the pleasure to speak with a veteran named Ryan.

I asked Ryan how he felt about the military while we worked. His response is typical of veterans all over and was very similar to a veteran named Stajura. Strengths Over the course of this class, I have essay on veterans benefits many strengths and skills I did not realize I had.

Bellevue Public Schools - Veterans’ Day Essay Contest Winner

One of the first classes we had, we listed what we thought our strengths were.PDF File. Hegseth, Pete. The Daily Caller. United States Government.

Federal Budget Where does the Money Go?. Pie Chart. National Priorities Project. Source: OMB. The Veteran. Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Ultius, Inc. Ultius Blog, 21 Mar. Click here for more help with MLA citations.

Essay on veterans day

Out essays on veterans gratitude, we extend our help to those who helped us in the times of need. References Creyke, R. Sutherland, P. Department of Veterans Affairs. Fedorchenko, V. United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. Veterans Day. Military Benefits of Veterans Essay. Accessed Essays on veterans 27, This is just a sample. You can get your custom paper from our expert writers. Type: Essay, 3 pages. Military Benefits of VeteransIntroduction Don't use plagiarized sources.

Type: Essay, 2 pages. Type: Essay, 6 pages. All you need to do is fill essay on veterans a short form and submit an order. See Pricing. What's Your Topic? Hire a Professional Writer Now.

The input space is limited by symbols. What's Your Deadline? The sacrifice of time is similarly as essential as the hardihood shown in war, and often at times significantly more troublesome. These penances are what make veterans special among others. Veterans are veterans since they possessed the daring, honor and patriotism that they needed to go bat for their nation. These men and ladies represent everything that we, as a country, battle to protect, all that we esteem in life.

Our respect, our freedom, our liberty, our livelihood lies with them. Our country's veterans vow their lives to our defenseso that, in their nonattendance, we can keep on living in freedom, and make the most of our chance in life. Veterans are separate from our regular struggles. They represent our nation as a whole, people of every religion, culture and belief coming together and standing strong.

What is the real reason for homeless veterans? Woman veterans make up seven percent of the homeless veteran population…. This paper will examine the issue as a social problem, and look at contributing factors and current solutions. In order to address the problem, it is necessary to understand certain terms.

They last days and provide shelter, food, clothing, counseling, health screenings, and so much more according to the Homeless Veterans page in the US Department of Veteran Affairs website…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Home Page Essay on Homeless Veterans. Include some creativity and heart-felt gratitude in your essay, so readers empathize with the sacrifices veterans have made.

For example, you might discuss the hardships military families face, such as having to relocate frequently or not being able to see loved ones for extended periods or time. Or, you might talk about how some veterans are forced to cope with war injuries, amputated limbs, disabilities or post-traumatic stress disorder after they return home.

Veterans put their lives at risk for others who never had to witness or experience the mental, emotional and physical stress of war themselves. The purpose of your essay is to present logical, believable reasons as to why honoring veterans is a reasonable practice. The Veterans are Coming! The veterans are coming!

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