Essay critique of teacher hiring process

Again, Person-job fit questions are used to screen out and reduce the number of applicants. Potential applicants also use job interviews to assess their fit within an organization.

This can determine if an applicant will take a job offer when one is offered. When applicants assess their fit with an organization the experience they have during the job interview is the most influential. Applicants felt that they had highest fit with an organization when they could add information not covered during the interview that they wanted to share. Applicants also liked when they could ask questions about the organization.

They also when they could ask follow up questions to ensure they answered the interviewer's questions to the level the interviewer wanted. The Interviewer can discourage fit perceptions by how they act during an interview as well. Without information about the organization, applicants cannot judge how well they fit.

Interviewers can also hurt fit perception by being inattentive during the interview and not greeting the applicant. There are some issues with fit perceptions in interviews. By applicants emphasizing similarities between them and the interviewer this leads to a higher Person-organization fit perceptions by essay critique of teacher hiring process creating a professional resume. One way to think about the interview process is as three separate, albeit related, phases: 1 the preinterview phase which occurs before the interviewer and candidate meet, 2 the interview phase where the interview is conducted, and 3 the postinterview phase where the interviewer forms abortion facts of candidate qualifications and makes final decisions.

That is, impressions interviewers form early on may affect how they view the person in a later phase. Preinterview phase : The preinterview phase encompasses the information available to the interviewer beforehand e. In this phase, interviewers are likely to already have ideas about the characteristics that would make a person ideal or qualified for the position. In this way, interviewers typically have an impression even before the actual face-to-face interview interaction.

Nowadays with recent technological advancementsinterviewers have an even larger amount of information available on some candidates. For example, interviewers can obtain information from search engines e. Google, Bing, Yahooblogs, and even social networks e. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter. While essay of teacher of this information may be job-related, some of it may not be. In some cases, a review of Facebook may reveal undesirable behaviors such as drunkenness or drug use.

Despite the relevance of the information, any information interviewers obtain about the applicant before the interview is likely to influence theirimpression of the candidate. Interview phase : The interview phase entails the actual conduct of the interview, the interaction between the interviewer and the applicant. Initial interviewer impressions about the applicant before the interview may influence the amount of time an interviewer spends in the interview with the applicant, the interviewer's behavior and questioning of the applicant, [42] and the interviewer's postinterview evaluations.

As interviews are typically conducted face-to-face, over the phone, or through video conferencing [43] e. Skypethey are a social interaction between at least two individuals. Thus, the behavior of the interviewer during the interview likely "leaks" information to the interviewee. That is, you can sometimes tell during the interview whether the interviewer thinks positively or negatively about you. Such anxiety may hamper how well they actually perform and present themselves during the interview, fulfilling the original thoughts of the interviewer.

Alternatively, interviewees who perceive an interviewer believes they are qualified for essay of teacher job may feel more at ease and comfortable during the exchange, and consequently actually perform better in the interview. Because of the dynamic nature of the interview, the interaction between the behaviors and thoughts of both parties is a continuous process whereby information is processed and informs subsequent behavior, thoughts, and evaluations.

Postinterview phase : After the interview is conducted, the interviewer must form an evaluation of the interviewee's qualifications for the position.

The interviewer most likely takes into consideration all the information, even from the preinterview phase, and integrates it to form a postinterview evaluation of the applicant. Sometimes other selection tools e. Essentially, the process model illustrates that the interview is not an isolated interaction, but rather a complex process that begins with two parties forming judgments and gathering information, and ends with a final interviewer decision.

There are many types of interviews that organizations can conduct. What is the same across all interview types, however, is the idea of interview structure. How much an interview is structured, or developed and conducted the same way across all applicants, depends on the number of certain elements included in that interview. Overall, the interview can be standardized both with regard to the content i. Interview structure is more appropriately thought to be on a continuum, ranging from completely cause of stress essay to fully structured.

The unstructured interview, or one that does not include a good number of standardization elements, is the most common form of interview today.

There are also no directions put in place regarding how the interviewer and the interviewee should interact before, during, or after the interview. Unstructured interviews essentially allow the interviewer to conduct the interview however he or she thinks is best. Given unstructured interviews can change based on who the interviewer might be, it is not surprising that unstructured interviews are typically preferred by interviewers.

Research suggests, however, that unstructured interviews are actually highly unreliable, or inconsistent between interviews. That means that two interviewers who conduct an interview with the same person may not agree and see the candidate the same way even if they were in the same interview with that applicant.

Often interviewers who conduct unstructured interviews fail to identify the high-quality candidates for the job. Interview structure is the degree to which interviews are identical and conducted the same across applicants. Specifically, researchers commonly address 15 elements [54] that can be used to make the interview's content and evaluation process similar. An interview's degree of structure is often thought of as the extent to which these elements are included when conducting interviews.

Multiple research studies have shown that using these elements to design the interview increases the interview's ability to identify high-performing individuals. Despite being difficult to say exactly what a structured interview is, structured interviews are widely seen as more preferred over unstructured interviews by organizations if an accurate and consistent measure of an applicant is desired. Regardless of interview structure, there are several types of questions interviewers ask applicants.

Two major types that are used frequently and that have extensive empirical support are situational questions [57] and behavioral questions also known as patterned behavioral description interviews. Critical incidents are relevant tasks that are required for the job and can be collected through interviews or surveys with current employees, managers, or subject matter experts.

What did he do? Previous research has found mixed results regarding whether behavioral or situational questions will best predict future job performance of an applicant.

It is recommended to incorporate both situational and behavioral questions into the interview to get the best of both question types. Situational interview questions [57] ask job applicants to imagine a set of circumstances and then indicate how they would respond in that situation; hence, the questions are future oriented.

Essay critique of teacher hiring process

One advantage of situational questions is that all interviewees respond to the same hypothetical situation rather than describe experiences unique to them from their past. Another advantage is that situational questions allow respondents who have had no direct job experience relevant to a particular question to provide a hypothetical response.

Behavioral experience-based or patterned behavioral interviews are past-oriented in that they ask respondents to relate what they did in past jobs or life situations that are relevant to the particular job relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities required for success.

By asking questions about how job applicants have handled situations in the past that are similar to those they will face on the job, employers can gauge how they might perform in future situations. Behavioral interview questions include: [69].

Other possible types of questions that may be asked alongside structured interview questions or in a separate interview include: background questions, job knowledge questions, and puzzle type questions.

A brief explanation of each follows. A case interview is an interview form used mostly by management consulting firms and investment banks in which the job applicant is given a question, situation, problem or challenge and asked to resolve the situation. The case problem is qualities of a dedicated teacher essays a business situation or a business case that the interviewer has worked on in real life. In recent years, company in other sectors like Design, Architecture, Marketing, Advertising, Finance and Strategy have adopted a similar approach to interviewing candidates.

Technology has transformed the Case-based and Technical interview process from a purely private in-person experience to an online exchange of job skills and endorsements.

Another type of job interview found throughout the professional and academic ranks is the panel interview. In this type of interview the candidate is interviewed by a group of panelists representing the various stakeholders in the hiring process. Within this format there are several approaches to conducting the interview. Example formats include. In the group interview, multiple applicants are interviewed at one time by one or more interviewers.

This type of interview can be used for selection, promotion, or assessment of team skills. Interviewers may also use a group interview to assess an applicant's stress management skills or assertiveness because in such a group setting the applicant will be surrounded by other applicants who also want to get the job. Group interviews can be less costly than one-on-one or panel interviews, especially when many applicants need to be interviewed in a short amount of time.

In addition, because fewer interviewers are needed, fewer interviewers need to be trained. Despite the potential benefits to the group interview, there are problems with this interview format. In group interviews the interviewer has to multitask more than when interviewing one applicant at a time. Interviewers in one-on-one interviews are already busy doing many things. These include attending to what applicants are saying and how they are acting, taking notes, rating applicant responses to questions, and managing what they say and how they act.

Interviewing more than one applicant at a time makes it more challenging for the interviewer. This can give applicants questioned later in the interview an advantage over the earlier-questioned applicants. These problems can make it less likely for group interviews to accurately predict who will perform well on the job.

Group interviews have not been studied as much as one-on-one interviews, but the research that has been done suggests that in the field of education group interviews can be an effective method of selection. They also found that group interviews were not as effective as one-on-one interviews. Further research needs to be conducted to more extensively evaluate the group interview's usefulness for various purposes.

This research needs to be done across various domains outside of the education sector. Research also needs to clarify conflicting findings by determining in which situations study results can be applied. Stress interviews are still in common use. The ostensible purpose of this interview: to find out how the candidate handles stress. Stress interviews might involve testing an applicant's behavior in a busy environment. Questions about handling work overload, dealing with multiple projects, and handling conflict are typical.

Another type of stress interview may involve only a single interviewer who behaves in an uninterested or hostile manner.

For example, the interviewer may not make eye contact, may roll his eyes or sigh at the candidate's answers, interrupt, turn his back, take phone calls during the interview, or ask questions in a demeaning or challenging style. The goal is to assess how the interviewee handles pressure or to purposely evoke emotional responses.

This technique was also used in research protocols studying stress and type A coronary-prone behavior because it would evoke hostility and even changes in blood pressure and heart rate in study subjects. The key to success for the candidate is to de-personalize the process. The interviewer is acting a role, deliberately and calculatedly trying to "rattle the cage". Once the candidate realizes that there is nothing personal behind the interviewer's approach, it is easier to handle the questions with aplomb.

Candidates may also be asked to deliver a presentation as part of the selection process. One stress technique is to tell the applicant that they have 20 minutes to prepare a presentation, and then come back to room five minutes later and demand that the presentation be given immediately. The "Platform Test" method involves having the candidate make a presentation to both the selection panel and other candidates for the same job.

This is obviously highly stressful and is therefore useful as a predictor of how the candidate will qualities of a dedicated teacher essays under similar circumstances on the job. Selection processes in academic, training, airline, legal and teaching circles frequently involve presentations of this sort. This kind of interview focuses on problem solving and creativity. The questions aim at the interviewee's problem-solving skills and on line tutors show their ability in solving the challenges faced in the job through creativity.

Technical interviews are being conducted online at progressive companies before in-person talks as a way to screen job applicants. Advancements in technology along with increased usage has led to interviews becoming more common through a telephone interview and through videoconferencing than face-to-face.

Companies utilize technology in interviews due to their cheap costs, time-saving benefits, and their ease of use. Media richness theory states that more detailed forms of communication will be able to better convey complex how to write an narrative essay. The ability to convey this complexity allows more media-rich forms of communication to better handle uncertainty like what can occur in an interview than shallower and less detailed communication mediums.

Verbal and nonverbal cues are read more in the moment and in relation to what else is happening in the interview. A video interview may have a lag between the two participants. Poor latency can influence the understanding of verbal and nonverbal behaviors, as small differences in the timing of behaviors can change their perception. Likewise, behaviors such as eye contact may not work as well. A video interview would be more media rich than a telephone interview due to the inclusion of both visual and audio data.

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Qualities of a dedicated teacher essays

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Give them a compliment on something they did well recently, tell them you appreciate their effort.This is because teachers act as strict disciplinarians in the schools where they teach. They also help to evaluate the capability of students to advice their parents on the requirements of each child.

Teachers also act as parents because they take care of the learners while at school. There are various characteristics of good teachers. These characteristics show what makes a person to be termed as a good teacher.

A teacher must be able to communicate to students well because they are required to pass knowledge to students through communication. Though students will make mistakes time and again, a good teacher should avoid shouting to them. Teachers should also use technology to teach their students. Sign Up Sign In. A professional teacher has a commitment to those they teach and applies decision-making skills, reflective practices and professional knowledge to enhance their lessons and provide maximise learning opportunities.

My self-efficacy, belief that I can make a difference to those I teach, is the most important characteristic I can develop. With commitment to my students, I can make informed decisions and apply my knowledge to adapt lessons to individual students needs, developmental differences, emotions, social relations and maturity and provide appropriate activities to demonstrate and reinforce each concept.

I can enhance my skills and knowledge base through professional development and peer mentorship. As a professional teacher, it is important that I develop content knowledge of the lesson topics and pedagogical content knowledge so that I can relate and teach this knowledge to my students.

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Becoming a Professional Teacher

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I have no other way of explaining how students with strong qualifications prove unable to communicate or write in proper English. If you think that attending classes on time is the sole objective of these professionals then you are wrong. The reality is that with every class the teachers also learn something or other so that they can make themselves much groomed than before. In this way, learning experience can be boosted up.

Also read: Importance of mathematics. Teachers have the very important responsibility of shaping the lives of young, impressionable children. With this responsibility comes great pride and joy. Therefore all teachers should strive for what can be considered to be a "good teacher. A positive or negative influence from a teacher early on in life can have a great effect on the life of a child.

He is not simply to impart knowledge but also mould the habits, traits and character of pupils. He is to achieve educational objectives through the curriculum of the school. In order to discharge his duties effectively he must possess certain qualities and qualifications which may be described as under:.

The teacher is required to answer questions which require fair command of subject. He should have sufficient knowledge so far as the pupils are concerned. That is why minimum qualifications are laid down for the appointment of teachers in schools. For primary school, the teachers should be at least matriculate. For middle schools, the teacher should be at least graduate. For high schools, the teacher should be an M.

In addition to knowledge of his subject, he should have sufficient general knowledge. For this he should have literary tastes.

He must be a well read person. Knowledge of the subject matter is not sufficient to be a good teacher. A first rate scholar may be a poor essay critique of teacher hiring process. He must have some pre-service training, so that he is conversant with things and outcomes of teaching.


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